A person stands facing the camera with their hand on their head. They are wearing a PumpEase hands-free pumping bra in a red and white polka dot print.
PumpEase® Hands Free Pumping Bra - T-bird Red
PumpEase® Hands Free Pumping Bra - T-bird Red
PumpEase® Hands Free Pumping Bra - T-bird Red
PumpEase® Hands Free Pumping Bra - T-bird Red
PumpEase® Hands Free Pumping Bra - T-bird Red
A person stands facing the camera with their hands on their hips. They are wearing a PumpEase hands-free pumping bra in a red and white polka dot print.
PumpEase® Hands Free Pumping Bra - T-bird Red
PumpEase® Hands Free Pumping Bra - T-bird Red
PumpEase® Hands Free Pumping Bra - T-bird Red
Testimonial from PumpEase user Erika: I love this hands-free bra. It allows me to multi-task while pumping.
Testimonial from user Akamle: Makes pumping so much easier!
Testimonial from user Elizabeth: The design of this support system is SO simple and yet SO very important! It has totally changed the way I think about pumping.
Testimonial from user Emma: I was a little worried that it would be too flimsy to handle my 32Ks (sigh) but it holds up (no pun intended) just fine. Don't think, just buy.
Testimonial from user Anne: As a regular pumper (4x a day in the office), this is invaluable.

PumpEase® Hands Free Pumping Bra - T-bird Red

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Pumping sucks. PumpEase makes it suck less by freeing your hands so you can focus on anything else while you pump, which can lead to greater milk output and shorter, more efficient pumping sessions. 

  • MEASURE AND BE SURE! PumpEase fits differently than your standard shirt size. See our size chart below to get the best fit and email us for sizing help if you have any questions.

  • HANDS FREE PUMPING BRA DESIGNED for A MOM’S NEEDS – Our founder, a pumping mom and Certified Lactation Educator, developed PumpEase hands free pumping bra for fit and to maximize milk output. It supports two full 8oz milk bottles yet is gentle enough to not constrict breast tissue or restrict milk flow. Read, text, work, eat, nurse, or simply relax while pumping hands free.

  • COMFORTABLE and LONG-LASTING PUMPING BRA – Made in Canada, our premium hands free pumping bra is soft, luxurious, cozy, comfortable, and has quick-dry and wicking properties. PumpEase maintains its fit throughout product use even as your breasts change size. Versatile - wear over or without your nursing bra (not included). PumpEase comfortably fits your body and lifestyle.

  • ADJUSTABLE 3-ROW HOOK and EYE CLOSURE – Like your regular bra, adjust the size of your pumping bra to change with your body. PumpEase hands free breast pumping bra features the familiar, simple hook and eye front closure - no noisy hook & loop to disturb baby and snag clothes. Check out our straps to wear 3 different ways if a little extra support is desired.

  • NO-STITCH FLANGE OPENINGS WORK with ANY BREAST PUMP – Our patented no-stitch flange openings accommodate ALL types of bottles and breast pumps. Conveniently insert your flange with one hand without having to take it apart.  PumpEase can function as a nursing and pumping bra – pump on one side and nurse on the other. FSA AND HSA ELIGIBLE .

  • SUPPORTING PARENTS IS OUR PRIORITY – We are confident that our adjustable hands free pumping bra will make your life easier. You and baby will love the variety of colours and patterns - that come out of the washing machine pristine. Thousands of parents already use, love, and recommend  PumpEase.

Pump hands-free with PumpEase. Pumping doesn't have to be boring. 

Breast pump flanges, bottles and tubing are for display purposes only and are not included.

PumpEase hands-free pumping bra:

  • fits breastfeeding moms sized from 32AA to 48H and beyond.
  • features patented, ‘no-stitch’ flange openings, guaranteed to accommodate any breast pump on the market.
  • is available in an organic cotton option for earth-conscious mamas.
  • is designed with bartacks at each end of the flange openings for incomparable reinforcement. This is the same type of stitching used to construct denim jeans.
  • comes in unique, beautiful, eye-catching prints that match the PumpEase Wet Bag.
  • is made with love in Canada.

Nursing bra, breast pump flanges, bottles and tubing are for display purposes only and are not included.

This product is protected by patents US8137153 and CA2650723

Why do I need a PumpEase hands-free pumping bra?

  • I don’t want to feel anchored by my pump. I want to be able to pump and multitask.
  • My baby was born prematurely and can’t breastfeed yet.
  • I want to feed my baby breastmilk but I’m going back to work and need to be able to pump while typing, driving, eating lunch, etc.
  • My baby has latch issues and I want to pump to maintain my supply until we can breastfeed.
  • I want to donate my oversupply to a milk bank.
  • I need to preserve my milk supply during a lapse in breastfeeding (travel, hospitalization, etc.).
  • I’m trying to boost my breastmilk supply by pumping.
  • I’m adopting and want to induce lactation.
  • I need relief from frequent painful engorgement.
  • I have a blocked milk duct.
  • I want the freedom of leaving my partner with our baby for a feeding.

Why is PumpEase better than other hands-free products on the market?

Flexibility – PumpEase is designed with patented, ‘no-stitch’ flange openings that accommodate ALL makes and sizes of breast pump flanges guaranteed. PumpEase can be worn by itself or over any nursing bra / cami / top you choose.

Quality – PumpEase is made with a high-performance technical fabric that provides exceptional comfort, stretch and memory, easy care, and quick-dry and wicking qualities. PumpEase is designed and manufactured with love in Canada.

Variety – PumpEase fits moms wearing bra sizes from 32AA to 48H and beyond and comes in a range of fun and fashionable prints. Mothers shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for function.

Accessibility – We chose a hook and eye closure for PumpEase because of its durability and familiarity. It’s also much quieter than Velcro (important if you pump near your sleeping baby for the benefits proximity can give!). PumpEase has three rows of hook and eye closures so you can adjust and maintain a snug fit as your body and supply change. PumpEase isn’t stiff or overly structured; it supports hands-on pumping so you can massage or compress your breasts to encourage higher breastmilk output. 

We want to help you find your perfect fit! Follow the instructions below to measure and be sure you're ordering the right size for your body. Or click on the "Chat with us!" button in the lower right side of this page and we'll guide you through finding the perfect PumpEase for you.

PumpEase Over Bust Size Chart 

Avoid being fit for a nursing bra in the first two weeks after giving birth which is when most lactating people are “fullest.” As your body adjusts to your baby’s needs, your breast size will regulate. 


The PumpEase is created with an 88% high-count polyester / 12% spandex microfiber knit. Our exceptional technical fabric delivers:
  • performance and durability
  • comfort and softness against your skin
  • excellent stretch and memory (it won’t get baggy after use or shrink during washing)
  • breathability
  • quick-dry and wicking qualities
  • colour fastness

Wash by hand or machine in warm water.
Hang to dry.
Do not bleach.
Do not tumble dry.
Do not iron.
Do not feed the bears.

In a pinch you can machine dry your PumpEase but we don’t recommend making a habit of it because the dryer heat will eventually break down the spandex.

 Machine wash warmDo not bleachHang to dry

How does PumpEase hold up? We washed our test PumpEase weekly for an entire year. Check out our results!

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