Bamboobies FAQ

What is the difference between Bamboobies and other brands? Bamboobies seem expensive!

  • Where cotton pads leak through, regular Bamboobies milk-proof backing prevents leaks!
  • Where cotton pads feel cold and clammy when wet, bamboo doesn’t – it holds body heat better.
  • Where cotton pads are more bulky and visible through clothing, Bamboobies Regulars aren’t.

How do I USE my Washable Bamboobies nursing pads?

There are 3 layers in Bamboobies washable nursing pads, both Regular & Overnights. The top layer is ultra-soft bamboo rayon velour with cotton and polyester. This soft side is worn against the skin. The middle layer is a blend of hemp and cotton. The backside with the colored fabric is a polyester with TPU waterproofing to provide leak protection – this side lays inside the nursing bra away from the skin. Wear the heart-shaped pad up or down inside the bra. Every woman’s breast is shaped differently, so position the pad in a way that works best for you – don’t be afraid to be creative! CHANGE PADS FREQUENTLY, and especially when wet to avoid saturation and side leakage, and also to keep your skin dry and healthy.

How do I CARE for my Washable Bamboobies nursing pads?

We recommend MACHINE WASHING both the Regular and Overnight Bamboobies on the COOL water setting. Bamboobies are made of natural fibers and we can’t emphasize enough that you DRY YOUR PADS COMPLETELY on LOW HEAT in the DRYER. The more you wash and dry Bamboobies, the softer they will get! Do not use fabric softeners as it can inhibit the absorption quality. If you notice any discoloration or staining after using them, wash them in a mild bleach solution. Remember, breast milk is a natural liquid and can vary in color from mom to mom, (also depending on what you’re eating!)

We realize that new mom’s are very busy with their babies, but try to wash your used pads as soon as possible to keep them in optimal condition. If machine washing & drying is not an option, hand wash in hot soapy water, rinse well and be sure to AIR DRY THEM COMPLETELY in a dry, non-humid area before using them! Place them in direct sunlight with the bamboo side exposed until they are completely dry. If you use the hand wash/dry method, the pads may not appear the same or feel as soft as they would from a dryer. We would love it if you recycled our box!

Do Bamboobies show through shirts as much as other nursing pads?

Bamboobies are made with super-absorbent fabrics and with fine stitching on the edges to prevent visibility through shirts. They’re not invisible but they’re much less obvious than other washable nursing pads. See the link above for a picture of Bamboobies and Medela breast pads in a bra and thin white t-shirt. Bamboobies don’t show!

Do Bamboobies cost more than other nursing pads?

Bamboobies actually cost less than disposable pads over the typical length of time that a nursing mother needs to use breast pads – actually only about 1/10th of the cost of disposables!

What is the difference between Regular and Overnight Bamboobies?

Regular Bamboobies are heart-shaped and ultra-thin with a milk-proof backing. They are less visible under clothing and are ideal for when your milk supply is regulated.
Overnight Bamboobies are super-soft and ultra-thick with a milk-proof backing. They are ideal for the early days of newborn nursing and for heavy leakers. And they are also bigger than other washable pads so they keep you covered while you sleep.

How do I know what type and how many I will need?

Every breastfeeding experience is unique and therefore everyone’s nursing pad needs will be different. A good place to start is figuring you will need approximately 2 pairs during the day and 1-2 pairs during the night. So… how many Bamboobies you order depends on how frequently you plan to do laundry!