Meet the Snugabellas


Wendy - Founder & CEO - Mama to Toni and Michaela

Wendy is a true Gemini - math geek meets designer.  She loves to decompress out in her garden (she comes by it naturally; her mom is 83 and still cans 100 lbs of her homegrown tomatoes every summer - the same as her dad did well into his 80s), spend time with friends and family, create, and do things that scare her - ride rollercoasters, bungee jumping and driving fast, to name a few.  A freefall skydive is still on her list.
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Remembering Denise*  QC, Packaging, Admin & Shipping Diva – Mama to Olivia and Dixie
Denise is the longest standing Snugabella. In fact, Wendy has been bossing her around since the 70s (it’s all part of a younger sister’s job description, unfortunately!). Denise ensures that all products meet Snugabell’s meticulous quality standards before they leave the warehouse. Denise has recently taken over the shipping duties and additional admin work. When she isn’t working she loves to garden, kiss and cuddle her cats Tootsie and Gino, and dream about her next family trip to ride some giant roller coasters (aka stress relievers).
*Denise passed away suddenly and unexpectedly of a heart attack in the early morning hours of December 30, 2018 leaving behind her partner of 22 years, Mike, and her two daughters Olivia (15) and Dixie (10).
She was only 48 years old.
Denise was an enormous part of Snugabell, her community and of course her family.  There is a vast hole left by her passing.  We will never forget all that she did for so many.
Robyn - Bean Counting & Amazon Amazon - Mama to Tyler, Melany, and Mackenzie, Noni to Annabelle, Wyatt, and Madilyn
Robyn was born and bred in beautiful British Columbia. She has been working with Wendy since 2009 and loves the casual, fun environment at Snugabell. Robyn breastfed all three of her children and had nothing but problems – low milk supply, no support and an archaic breast pump. My how things have changed! And she had a VBAC before it was a “thing” (Wendy had to tell her it was a bit of a big deal), so she is kinda famous in the office now.
Karen - International Business Ambassador - Mama to Bella
Karen loves working with our international customers. She thinks it is so much fun to chat with people from so many countries and cultures. Those daily conversations really feed her passion for travel. Some of her favourite destinations have been Alaska, Scotland, and Australia. She lives in the American south and in addition to being a Snugabella is an Instructor at Mississippi State University teaching English Composition.
Hillary - Social Media Chick - Mama to Grady and Poppy
Hillary joined Snugabell after a chance meeting with Wendy in 2012. She can be found posting on Snugabell's social media channels while dodging toddler shenanigans. In her spare time, Hillary likes to play in the kitchen and then post photos of her food on Instagram.
Catherine - Production & Shipping Coordinator - Moooommmm to Claire, Owen, and Ian
Catherine was thrown into the world of pumping when her oldest arrived six weeks early. Claire was gavage fed in the Special Care Nursery (SCN) so Catherine was pumping pretty much exclusively until Claire was kicked out of the SCN for keeping the other babies up with her wailing. Those sleepless nights now long behind her, Catherine is happy to have the opportunity to work at Snugabell and support others in their breastfeeding journey!
Snugabell is a member of the following organizations:
Breastfeeding USA Forum for Women Entrepreneurs LOCO BC
 Breastfeeding Committee for Canada