Happy IBCLC Day 2021!

Today is IBCLC Day, a day to honour the transformative power IBCLCs bring to healthcare. By providing skilled lactation care, International Board Certified Lactation Consultants are a crucial component of a family's healthcare team.

Graphic that reads: Happy IBCLC Day 3March 2021

Over the past year, birthing and lactating people have experienced challenges like none of us have witnessed in recent history. 

The pandemic has changed the way IBCLCs can connect with families but their dedication to provide lactation support and resources will not be quashed. Technology allows us to build virtual villages, to ensure families can access the care and education they seek. 

Today we celebrate IBCLCs and thank them for their commitment to providing lactation support especially during this challenging time, whether it be demonstrating breastfeeding positions over video chat, or discussing breast pump flange fit over the phone, or connecting via social media. We are thrilled to celebrate IBCLC Day and hope you'll join us!


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