Our Story

PumpEase was born out of desperation. I breastfed both my daughters (pictured below) but pumping was also a necessary part of our feeding routine. As a small business owner, I had to juggle taking care of my babies and working from home at the same time. Pumping gave me flexibility so my husband, mom, or one of my sisters could jump in and bottle-feed (something my husband, Mike, quite enjoyed as he got to feel the bond of nourishing our children like I did).

Pumping wasn’t a perfect solution, though. My letdown was sluggish and both pregnancies were kind enough to bring along their friend Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, so I rented a hospital-grade, double, electric pump and started my search to find something that would hold my pump flanges in place. Being one of those never-sit-still-for-a-minute gals, I knew I needed something that allowed me to pump hands-free (especially after I tried flipping through the pages of a magazine with my elbow while holding my pump flanges to my breasts and ended up in the chiropractor’s office!).

My search was not a success. I found very few options, none of which were readily available in Canada, and all of them looked stiff and sterile. Why is it that when you become a mom it’s assumed you no longer care about style? At the time I had 9 years in the apparel industry and over 26 years of sewing experience so I took matters into my own hands and mocked-up a pumping bra (who knows how I found the time to do this?). It held my pump flanges in place and freed my hands for other much more important things (like answering a business phone call with spit-up running down the back of my shirt or reading Dora Goes for a Ride to my 2-year-old "just one more time"). My pumping sessions melted away while I surfed the internet, paid bills, stayed on top of business emails, caught up on reading, or talked on the phone (among countless other tasks).

After hundreds of pumping sessions, three years of research and development, and two children, I believe that I know what a pumping bra should offer a nursing mom. I refined the design to be not only functional and user-friendly, but stylish too! And now I'm offering it to you in a handful of fun and fabulous prints and an organic version - all designed to perfectly fit your amazingly beautiful, milk-producing body! 

Our Story

Whether your pump is rented or purchased, single or double, battery-powered or electric, you need a PumpEase hands-free pumping bra  ...because women like pretty things EVEN when they're pumping!™

Wendy Armbruster, BDes(Fash&Tech), CLE Founder & CEO

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