World Breast Pumping Day

World Breast Pumping Day

The breastfeeding world can be overwhelming and pumping parents sometimes struggle to find a space where they feel like they belong. World Breast Pumping Day is an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the time, energy, and dedication pumping requires; it’s a chance to honour the love in every ounce. On January 27, 2024, people across the world will gather digitally to celebrate the seventh annual World Breast Pumping Day.

Wendy Armbruster, founder of Snugabell and creator of the award-winning PumpEase hands-free pumping bra, started World Breast Pumping Day in 2017 to help create a space for pumping parents to celebrate their accomplishments and find their digital village.

Please join us in celebrating World Breast Pumping Day 2023: Liquid Gold!

Breastmilk is liquid gold. When you feed your baby breastmilk - whether it's a little or a lot, straight from the breast or pumped, part of their diet or the only thing they eat, your milk or milk from your partner or a donor - your baby will receive transformative immunoglobulins and antibodies. We think that's pure gold!

This World Breast Pumping Day, we invite you to celebrate your glimmer! Show us your precious pumpling, show off your pumping station, snap a selfie while you breastfeed or pump (hands-free, of course 💁‍♀️) and tag #WorldBreastPumpingDay to create a wave of support for those who need a little reminder that they shine.

World Breast Pumping Day encourages pumping parents to feel pride in their accomplishments, even if what they achieve looks different than the accomplishments of their peers.  Sharing our stories is an important part of normalizing pumping and breastmilk feeding. The normalization of breastmilk feeding is vital to our future generations. Breastmilk saves lives.

Visit the facebook page for more information and RSVP to the digital event for updates.#WeCanPump #WhyIPump #WorldBreastPumpingDay

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