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How to Pump More Breastmilk
Five pumping pro tips to help you make your breast pumping sessions more efficient and less boring.
What is the Snugabell Milk Money Grant Program?
The Snugabell Milk Money Grant Program provides quarterly cash grants to breastfeeding, pumping, and pregnancy support groups. Find out how to apply.
The Invisible Labour of Pumping
Pumping can be empowering, healing, validating, and more, but it's also a lot of work! Some of that work goes unseen but it doesn't mean it's not valuable. Pumping parents go to great lengths to feed their child breastmilk because the...
World Breast Pumping Day 2022
World Breast Pumping Day 2022: Holding SpaceWorld Breast Pumping Day honours the time and dedication that pumping entails while respecting that some people have complex feelings about pumping and may find it difficult to celebrate.  WBPD2022 acknowledges that it’s okay to be not okay. We’re...
Rosie is Back
And she's here to make a difference! We're thrilled to partner with Mamas for Mamas - Vancouver to make a difference in the lives of caregivers in crisis.  From now until the end of June, Snugabell will donate a portion...
What is Bereaved Mother's Day?
Bereaved Mother's Day falls on the first weekend in May and is a day of remembrance. Mother's Day is a complicated holiday for many people. Bereaved Mother's Day gives those complicated feelings the space and acknowledgement they deserve. It gives...
Why Does My Expressed Breastmilk Smell Bad?
  Lipase is an enzyme that breaks down the fats to help babies digest human milk. When lipase occurs in higher levels, expressed breastmilk can smell and/or taste soapy. Milk with excess lipase is safe to drink, but some babies dislike the taste and refuse...
Happy IBCLC Day 2021!
Today is IBCLC Day, a day to honour the transformative power IBCLCs bring to healthcare. By providing skilled lactation care, International Board Certified Lactation Consultants are a crucial component of a family's healthcare team. Over the past year, birthing and...
PumpEase Saves Lives and Millions in Health Care Costs
Thanks to PumpEase, four babies’ lives and almost $70,000,000 in US health care costs have been saved. Not to mention those thousands of babies who’ve received their mamas’ milk (while their mamas worked, played, or just relaxed, since they didn’t have to hold onto those pump flanges!).
Why Do We Need World Breast Pumping Day?
The in-person support that helped our mothers and grandmothers raise their families doesn’t exist for today’s modern mom; we connect in different ways. The coffee klatsch of yore has morphed into carefully curated Instagram posts and tweets.  We often don’t have built-in support networks of geographically close family and friends to call on for help when we’re struggling. We need to find our digital village, to surround ourselves with compassionate voices, and build support networks with information from trustworthy sources.
Find Your Perfect Flange Fit
The flanges that come with your breast pump may not be the correct flanges for your breasts. Just like breasts come in different shapes and sizes, so do breast pump flanges.