The Fitting Room

Use your maternity or nursing bra size as a guideline and refer to the chart below. It’s best to be fit for a nursing bra during the last month of pregnancy. This is a good estimation of the size you’ll be once breastfeeding is established. Avoid being fit for a nursing bra in the first two weeks after giving birth which is when most moms are “fullest.” As your body adjusts to your baby’s needs, your breast size will regulate.

If you are near the borders between sizes or want more information on how we determine the perfect fit, please see our Overbust Measurement Size Chart and instructional video, and our Flange Opening Spacing Chart below.

Please email us if you have any sizing questions; we’d love to help you find the right size!

General Size Chart

General Size Chart

Overbust Measurement Chart

Click here to download our handy printable measure tape. Please make sure page scaling is set to “none” before printing.

Stand in front of a mirror (or use the buddy system) so you can be sure your measuring tape stays parallel to the floor. Hold the tape snugly without constricting your breasts, measure over the largest part of your bust, and refer to the chart below. You can check out our video below for a visual as well.

Over Bust Chart

Your PumpEase should fit snugly but not be overly tight. The suction of the pump does the work, not the pressure of your flanges.

Wendy and Katie demonstrate the proper method of taking an overbust measurement to help you choose the correct size of PumpEase.

Flange Opening Spacing Chart

We've had several requests for the measurements between the flange openings for each size of PumpEase and we're happy to oblige! It's called the “bust point to bust point” measurement in the apparel industry and we know it can range greatly from woman to woman. Just another way we make it easier for YOU to choose the correct size for your PumpEase! Keep in mind the measurements below don’t take into account the stretch of the fabric or the adjustment of the hook & eye, so if you are looking at the chart below and the bust point measurement is a bit narrower or wider than your body measurement, you should still be able to find your perfect fit.

Flange Spacing Chart