What is Bereaved Mother's Day?

Bereaved Mother's Day falls on the first weekend in May and is a day of remembrance.

Mother's Day is a complicated holiday for many people. Bereaved Mother's Day gives those complicated feelings the space and acknowledgement they deserve. It gives grieving mothers the opportunity to express their pain, struggles, and healing. When we share our stories, we can help others process their own.

Over the years, we've had the honour of connecting with bereaved mothers who choose to pump their breastmilk and donate it to other babies. This act of love touches other families in an immeasurable way. Donor milk is often fed to the most fragile infants. Bereaved milk donors help other families navigate the most painful and stressful times in their lives while processing their own pain and loss. 

Bereaved Mother's Day is a day to support those in our lives who are grieving, to hold space for those who are in pain, and to remember those who were gone too soon. 

LLL International has more information on lactation after loss.

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