Snugabell Milk Money Grant Program

Snugabell Milk Money Grant ProgramWho: Breastfeeding support organizations such as La Leche League and Breastfeeding USA groups

What: monthly cash grants of up to $200, Snugabell product for raffle prizes

When: A new grant cycle starts each month!

Why: Because we believe in supporting the beauty of breastfeeding. Wherever we can.

Each month we'll select one or more applicants to receive up to $200 to support specific chapter activities. Every month you apply counts as an entry for a larger, end-of-year grant. Help spread the word to your local chapters by sharing our infographic on Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere else you talk breastfeeding.




Selecting Recipients/Resubmitting Your Application

Grant recipients will be contacted via email and announced on the Snugabell Facebook page. Due to the volume of applications, only successful applicants will be contacted. To give your application the best chance of success, please fill out the form as completely as possible and be as specific as you can regarding how you would use the funds. We look at a new batch of submissions each month, so feel free to resubmit as many times as you like. At the end of the year, we will consider all organisations with multiple submissions for a special year-end distribution.

Good luck! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at


"Hi, Snugabell! I'm contacting you on behalf of LLL of Dyer County, TN. We wanted to continue to extend our appreciation to you by keeping you in the loop of how you've helped our group. Because of your donation, we have been able to plan a group potluck, advertising in our local hospital, and now we are expanding our monthly meetings to now offer two meetings monthly! We feel confident that this will be especially helpful in outreach as before we heard many women say they would love to attend if we had more options. After a month long survey, we're now able to help nearly double the amount of women as previously. So, again, thank you!"